Apply Quarz to Furniture

With the assistance of Mother Nature and the emerging science of nanotechnology, QUARZ® is the world's most advanced innovation to deliver an invisible ultra-thin protective coating ideal for home furnishings, including upholstered furniture, microfiber, suede, leather, canvas, denim, khaki, throw pillows, chair cushions and mattresses.  Allows most spills to be blotted up, reducing the risk of permanent staining.


Directions for Use

BEFORE APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of QUARZ® to an inconspicuous area to determine color fastness of the surface material to be treated.  Do not use if surface material is not colorfast and affected by the application of QUARZ®. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before application

TREATING FABRIC: Spray 5” to 10” (12 cm to 25 cm) from surface until adequately coated.

TREATING LEATHER: Spray QUARZ® on Application Mitt and apply to surface of leather in a circular motion until fully covered.

CURING: Depending on the type of fabric or leather material, QUARZ® needs only a few hours to thoroughly dry.  For complete curing, please allow 24 hours before using furniture.

Caution:  Although QUARZ® is a non-hazardous, as with all household products, keep out of reach of children.  QUARZ® contains silicon-dioxide (SiO2) and purified water (H2O).  If consumed, do not induce vomiting.  QUARZ® is non-irritable.  Contact with eye or skin can be remedied by flushing with cool water.