Frequently Asked Questions

What is QUARZ®?

QUARZ® is the world’s first nanotechnology-engineered, non-toxic furniture protection solution created with the help of Mother Nature using one of the Earth's most abundant minerals - pure quartz sand!

What is Nanotechnology?

The science of nanotechnology is a revolutionary pollution-free  manufacturing process that rearranges atoms at the molecular level to produce remarkable new products that are light, durable, strong, invisible and long-lasting - just like QUARZ®!

What is SiO2?

SiO2 is the compound known as silicon-dioxide, also known as silica (derived from the Latin word silex).  Silica is most abundantly found in nature as sand or quartz and its properties make it ideal for use in making glass, ceramics, and other hard materials.  Silica is also used in food production, optical fibers and many other products.

Is QUARZ® Safe?

Yes. QUARZ® is engineered using nanotechnology by combining pure quartz sand (SiO2) and purified water (H2O), which means no toxic substances or harsh chemicals.  Safe for you.  Safe for the environment.

Will QUARZ® harm my Children and/or Pets?

No. QUARZ® is completely safe to use and apply to surfaces often used by children or pets.  However, as with any household product, be sure to keep out of reach from children.

Does QUARZ® have a toxic odor?

No. QUARZ® is 100% non toxic, planet friendly and completely odorless.

Will it change the look or feel of my furniture?

No.  QUARZ® provides an ultra-thin layer of invisible protection and does not change the look, feel, or breathability of furniture.

How long will QUARZ® last?

The unique nanotechnology properties of QUARZ provide long-lasting protection for up to 7 years.

How is QUARZ® applied to my furniture?

Use the gentle spray applicator to easily apply QUARZ® to fabric furniture.  The soft application mitt is designed for wipe application for leather and leather-like furnishings.  (See application details)

How much QUARZ® is needed?

A single carafe provides sufficient QUARZ (13.5 oz or 400ml) to treat a 2-piece suite of furniture (e.g. sofa and loveseat or sofa and chair).

When will QUARZ® dry?

Depending on the type of fabric or leather material, QUARZ® needs only a few hours to dry.  For complete curing, please allow 24 hours before using furniture.

Will steam cleaning remove QUARZ®?

No. Steam cleaning does not affect the application of QUARZ®.  The nano-material adheres to the substrate (surface) by quantum forces. Only vigorous abrasive action on the surface will affect the nano-material.

What happens if a spill occurs?

Spills can be removed from QUARZ®-treated surfaces by using a dry, absorbent cloth, tissue, or paper towel.  Simply blot up the spill and pat dry until substance is removed.  Avoid rubbing.

Is QUARZ® guaranteed to work?

Yes. QUARZ® is guaranteed to provide peace of mind protection for up to 3 years against accidental staining.  If a spill occurs that cannot be removed, please call our customer care team toll-free at 1-800-388-2640 within 14 days of the accident.  Free product may be sent to help in the removal of stain.  If stain persist, a technician may be dispatched to your home to profressionally remove the stain.  Replacement of furniture may occur if stain persists further.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions provided with your purchase of QUARZ®.

I spilled liquid on my sofa treated with QUARZ® but the liquid appears to be absorbing into the cushion!

Depending on the textile that is treated with QUARZ®, a "bubble" or "lotus" effect will appear when the material is a close or tight weave surface.  With loose-weave textile materials, liquids might absorb by the surface.  This is normal. However, QUARZ® protected surfaces coat the surface of the individual fibers providing stain-free protection.  For spills on loose weave materials use a cloth and apply pressure on spill absorbing as much liquid into the cloth as possible.  Repeat until spill fully absorbs and disappears. 

How do I contact QUARZ® to make a stain claim?
For all claim inquiries, please contact our cutomer care team toll-free at 1-800-388-2640.