EASY:  QUARZ® is easy to apply to almost any kind of furniture fabric or leather material for exceptional protection.  It just works!
EFFECTIVE:  QUARZ® creates an invisible, ultra-thin protective barrier on furniture fabric or leather material for superior protection against househould liquids and dirt.
SAFE:  QUARZ® is derived from nature's most abundant mineral - pure quartz sand.  QUARZ is non-toxic with no harsh chemcials, which means it's safe to use around children and pets!
BEAUTIFUL: QUARZ® preserves the look, feel, and breathability of your furniture - helping to keep furniture like the first day you brought it home!
DURABLE:  QUARZ® delivers long-lasting protection to help extend the life of your furniture.
ECOLOGICAL:  QUARZ® eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals with easy removal of dirt and spills from treated surfaces.